With 365 Total Protection Backup from Hornetsecurity, you get the most comprehensive protection to Microsoft’s cloud services – designed specifically for Microsoft 365 and seamlessly integrated. Benefit from a straightforward setup and exceptionally intuitive operation that simplify your IT security management from the ground up

Targeted Attacks on Microsoft 365 Accounts: Is Your Company Protected?

Microsoft is seen as a key driver of the global migration to the cloud: with Microsoft 365, the company has brought the world’s most widely used office suite to the cloud, and around 180 million business customers are already using Microsoft 365. These business customers share and upload critical and sensitive files to the cloud on a daily basis – a fact that cybercriminals are aware of. Recently, Microsoft reported a 250 % increase in targeted attacks on Microsoft 365 accounts. While the corporation has built a number of security features into Microsoft 365, the question you should be asking yourself is: Are these measures enough? Security experts advise adding another layer of security to protect users from all types of email threats and data breaches.

Why is this the case?

It’s quite easy for attackers to identify a Microsoft 365 user, as MX records and auto-discover entries are available for public viewing online. It is therefore crucial to secure your Microsoft 365 accounts, as Microsoft’s built-in protection alone is not enough. Hornetsecurity employs a range of powerful technologies to combat various types of email malware, security leaks and other risks. An extra plus is that it hides Microsoft’s DNS and MX records which helps prevent potential attackers.

Hornetsecurity Email Archiving according to DSGVO and GoBD

Hornetsecurity Archiving is an archiving system that meets all the requirements and also has low administration and maintenance costs. All incoming and outgoing emails are archived fully automatically and securely in the cloud. This ensures the required immutability and completeness of the emails without any effort.

Other features of the archive include the marking of private e-mails and the complete exclusion of certain users from archiving, such as members of the works council. In this way, personal data can be protected in the sense of the GDPR. The archiving period for the emails can be configured in advance between six months (for example for job applications) and 10 years. The available full text search allows emails to be found quickly and specifically. Finally, it should be mentioned that Hornetsecurity’s Archiving also has a secure import as well as export function in a standardized format.

What are the benefits of 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup for my business?

Highest spam and malware detection rates on the market

AI-based filtering mechanisms for detecting complex attacks

Automated backups several times a day – set up once and you’re done


Protection of files on your EndPoints