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IT Project Management

IT project management: a big time-consuming issue that requires tremendous resource power and staying power. Basically, project management can be explained as the organization, planning, control and monitoring of all tasks and resources necessary to achieve the defined project goals. IT projects can be all kinds of things or processes, such as a new

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From social work to IT: How career changers can get started in the tech industry

Due to the long-term shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector, lateral entrants interested in technology will have good opportunities to gain a foothold in the IT industry in 2022. The fact that highly qualified IT skills can now only be found among industry professionals with a degree or IT training no longer

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Starting out in professional life: Is an IT profession right for my son or daughter?

The start of professional life as an IT specialist Gone are the days when you have to master complex programming languages in the IT profession. The abbreviation IT (Information Technology) stands between classical electronics and modern computer science. Whether in a medium-sized company, in the public sector or in a corporate group: computers and

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