Our Engagement

The focus on economic success is essential for almost every company. In addition, we find it very important to be aware of our social and environmental responsibilities and want to give something back to society.
We drive technical developments forward, ensure secure jobs and place particular emphasis on adhering to our corporate principles. Ecological sustainability and respect for all people – regardless of origin, religion or gender – are amongst our most important pillars.

Our Sustainability Guarantees:

CosH Consulting GmbH does not only consider economic aspects in its business with goods and services, but also puts special importance to ecological, social and ethical sustainability.

An environmental management system does not exist at the current date due to the size of the company. Nevertheless, CosH Consulting GmbH and its subsidiaries set a special value on social and ethnic sustainability. The following basic topics are taken into consideration:

  1. Elimination of child labor
  2. Free choice of employment
  3. Freedom of association
  4. Prohibition of discrimination
  5. Health, safety and acceptable living conditions
  6. Guarantee of the legal minimum wages
  7. No disciplinary measures that endanger the mental or physical condition of employees
  8. Guarantee of legal regulations on working hours
  9. Ensuring environmental sustainability
    a) Conservation of resources
    b) Reduction of emissions
  10. Ensuring economic sustainability
    a) Fighting corruption
    b) Fair competition
    c) Safety and quality


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. CosH is setting an example on the subject of sustainability. . Most of the vehicle fleet has been replaced: From pure combustion engines to hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Through our charging stations directly at the building of the location in Nuremberg, all field staff can charge their company vehicles free of charge. In this way, we are doing our part to make the world a little bit greener.

Sponsoring Regional Sports Teams

Team spirit is just as important in an IT team as it is in a sports club. Getting involved, taking responsibility and thinking as a team are essential components of our corporate culture. Our regional sports teams (e. g. 1.FC Altdorf, handball team DJK SV Berg) carry our corporate image on their tricots as brand ambassadors. We support athletes, teams and teams in our region in the context of new jerseys or technical equipment for the club.

Promoting Young Talent

CosH is permanently interested in promoting young talents. To this end, we have founded the unique Sysadmin Elite Forge, a three-year training program to become a professional system administrator with certain extras. Here, not only technical skills are taught, but also a chain of values and business etiquette. The job market is demanding more and more IT specialists, but the training companies, further education academies and universities are not supplying enough young people to meet the market demand. CosH sets the bar for training far above the standards of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, so that people are qualified to become top-class IT specialists within a few years.

Internships for People with Disabilities in Cooperation with Rummelsberg Clinics

Computer work is an activity that can be performed without problems for many people with disabilities. We would like to encourage this and offer internships to get to know the work at the IT service provider. In cooperation with the Rummelsberg Clinics, we facilitate long-term internships in our technology department every year.

All interns are accepted as full members of our team and work on exciting and varied IT projects. Our buildings are all completely barrier-free and have elevators.