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The digitization of companies and home office work are more relevant than ever before. According to a recent study by the Hans Böckler Foundation, one in four employees has been working from a home office again since the beginning of the year. Similarly, it is clear that a lack of IT infrastructure is often one of the most common reasons why the home office is not yet feasible on a large scale for all companies.

Workplace Enterprise
Hardware, Software, Services oder IT-Support:
Mit wenigen Klicks fertig eingerichtete (Home-) Office Arbeitsplätze konfigurieren und bestellen.
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Workplace Enterprise
Neue Arbeitsplätze anlegen, austauschen oder entsorgen.
Mit wenigen Klicks IT-Arbeitsplätze Mitarbeitern und Abteilungen zuordnen und fertig eingerichtet direkt an die Wunschadresse liefern lassen
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Workplace Enterprise
Erstellen Sie wiederverwendbare IT-Arbeitsplatz Vorlagen für Abteilungen oder Kostenstellen. Egal ob nach technischen Anforderungen, Unternehmensbereichen, Budgets oder Personalhierachien.
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Wählen Sie ihre
gewünschte Software
Workplace Enterprise
Wählen Sie aus einer großen Auswahl an Software, welche Sie auf den neuen Geräten vorinstalliert haben möchten. Einfach anklicken und wir kümmern uns um Lizenzen, Installation und Einrichtung.
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Laufende Migrationen
immer im Überblick
Workplace Enterprise
Verfolgen Sie, welche Arbeitsplätze aktuell ausgetauscht, neu angeschafft oder entsorgt werden. Völlige Transparenz und Planbarkeit.
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Clever leasen
statt teuer kaufen
Workplace Enterprise
Leasen Sie unsere Hard- und Software Lösungen mit unserem Enterprise Portal. Erhalten Sie Ihren Cashflow und reduzieren dabei Kapitalbindungen und Anschaffungskosten. Optional bieten wir IT-Services und Support als Managed-Services.
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Your Advantages:

Intuitive Web Configurator

Customized web configurator with online store functionality. On the enterprise platform, you will find exactly the devices that fit your individual company requirements. With just a few clicks, you can configure components such as PCs, monitors, computer mice and keyboards, as well as services and IT support, to create a complete IT workstation for your employees – including installation and setup by us.

Always Everything in Sight

Keep an eye on all IT workstations (at locations, in the home office or in field service) with the individual departments and cost centers at all times with the Enterprise Dashboard. Flexibly adapt workstations to your current needs at any time and discover savings potential and productivity slowdowns that can be replaced with just a few clicks thanks to comprehensive reporting and analysis functions.

Max. Max. Maximum Transparency Thanks to Leasing Model

Our leasing solutions adapt to your needs and help maintain cash flow, increase purchasing power and reduce operating costs and capital commitments. You always maintain a clear overview of all your IT workplace costs.

Fast Deployment

Planning, setup and provision of software and hardware. All software licenses and installations are completed in the background. You determine fixed shopping carts with us and can thus order IT workstations in your own internal web store with just a few clicks and in the shortest possible time..

How Do I Get IT Workplaces via the Enterprise Portal?

First of all, you receive a fully comprehensive and free trial access to our Workplace Enterprise platform. Once we have convinced you, your personal key account manager will work with you to define an individual shopping cart for your company and you can immediately configure your IT workstations as desired and order them with just a few clicks. We take care of the rest.

Can the Enterprise Portal Also Be Used for IT Workstations outside the Company (E. G. For Home Office Employees)?

Yes! Our Enterprise Portal has been specially developed for the complete lifecycle management of IT workstations in companies as well as in the home office. We would be pleased to convince you of this in a live presentation. And the best: the use of our platform is free of charge.

Lifecycle management for IT workstations inside and outside the company (e. g. home office or field service)

Cost savings and complete transparency through leasing model and elimination of acquisition costs

Hardware, software, services and IT support from our technical team and designated contacts

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