Cloud Migration Exchange

The Exchange server is one of the most popular email solutions in organizations. For reasons of cost, capacity and – above all – security and availability, more and more companies are choosing to migrate from the local Exchange server to the cloud variant: Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). The migration takes place in two phases:

Analysis phase for cloud migration of Exchange and connection to Azure AD.


  • Analysis of existing Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Active directory, etc.

  • Checking the Exchange servers for cloud migration readiness

  • Creating a mailbox list

  • Creating an overview of the amount of data to be migrated

  • Creating a required licensing quantity (license audit)

Azure AD

  • Checking domains even with international complex locations e. g. China

  • Checking the Azure AD requirements on the domain controllers

  • Creating a ToDo list to meet the requirements

Planning phase for cloud migration of Exchange and connection to Azure AD

Our Exchange cloud migration planning phase is based on our project management processes.

Project phases


Create project order

What should be implemented when and how.
Define goals, but also non-goals in the P-order! What else is the subject of the project, etc.?

Define P-goals

Create goals and important milestones from documents

Rough planning



Stakeholder and risk analysis, objectives from CosH’s point of view for implementing the project, clarifications internal/external


Creation of templates, data/docu storage or cloud structure, proposal/coordination team members, accesses, login


Create phases, goals, milestones, rough and detailed planning as PSP/Gantt-Chart


Clarification of resources, team members, clarification of project core team and their distribution list

(How, When, Who)

Which tool to use, when to use it, members, others

P-cost plan

Budget/plan costs vs. actual costs (if necessary, recalculation)


Planning of documentation:
Creation, storage, access


Handover and preparation of documents, docu’s, key’s, accesses, last mail and meeting, etc.

Kickoff – Meeting

Preparation, moderation, presentation of relevant documents:
Is a kickoff (official P-start) desired? It is not a MUST, but makes many things clearer for all relevant team members.

PM estimate – yesterday/today

List all relevant tasks for creation and PM planning.

Other Unforeseen PM actions / tasks.

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