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The big Funkschau interview with CosH / WaaS

To the funkschau online article Manuel Wagner is the CEO of Cosh Consulting. The Nuremberg-based IT service provider specializes in proactive IT solutions for companies in the upper midmarket and supports customers with Workplace as a Service concepts: from the company's own online self-service portal for hardware components and rentable IT workstations to

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IT Project Management

IT project management: a big time-consuming issue that requires tremendous resource power and staying power. Basically, project management can be explained as the organization, planning, control and monitoring of all tasks and resources necessary to achieve the defined project goals. IT projects can be all kinds of things or processes, such as a new

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IT-Interim Management – when key people leave the company

The field of IT contributes more and more to the success of companies in today's digital world. Our technological leap in the last 50 years can be explained simply with an example: The "Apollo Guidance Computer" that was on board for the first moon landing in 1969 had the computing power of a pocket

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