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Ensuring the future viability of IT

Quelle or Nokia - once well-known companies that were too slow in digitization. These two companies are just two examples of many that have failed to take advantage of new technologies and have thus disappeared from the market, either partially or completely. At the beginning of the Internet and especially of digitization, established companies

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Phishing and Cybercrime

Phishing: How to recognize attempted attacks Almost every Internet user has received one at some point: Either in the spam mailbox or, even worse, in the normal mailbox disguised as a supposedly reputable and well-known sender. We are talking about "phishing e-mails". But what exactly are phishing emails? Behind the term is a scam

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Guide: The importance of modern backups and the weaknesses of outdated approaches

The importance of a professional backup is undisputed in the age of digitalization. For a long time now, computer files have no longer been simply "data"; for many, they are also corporate capital. Data protection strategies are among the most important tasks of IT departments and external IT service providers. During a data backup,

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