Price change Microsoft Online Services

On the official Microsoft website, the company has announced that it will increase the prices of its online services by about 11% on 01.04.2023. This change affects the entire portfolio of Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Background and objective of the planned price increase by Microsoft The aim

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Digital transformation / Subsidies extended until 2024

The global pandemic has shown, especially in Germany, that there are still some digital weaknesses here. In addition to the problems that companies could not offer every employee the option of a home office due to a lack of software or hardware, there was also the cost factor. Not every company, especially small and

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Ensuring the future viability of IT

Quelle or Nokia - once well-known companies that were too slow in digitization. These two companies are just two examples of many that have failed to take advantage of new technologies and have thus disappeared from the market, either partially or completely. At the beginning of the Internet and especially of digitization, established companies

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Phishing and Cybercrime

Phishing: How to recognize attempted attacks Almost every Internet user has received one at some point: Either in the spam mailbox or, even worse, in the normal mailbox disguised as a supposedly reputable and well-known sender. We are talking about "phishing e-mails". But what exactly are phishing emails? Behind the term is a scam

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Guide: The importance of modern backups and the weaknesses of outdated approaches

The importance of a professional backup is undisputed in the age of digitalization. For a long time now, computer files have no longer been simply "data"; for many, they are also corporate capital. Data protection strategies are among the most important tasks of IT departments and external IT service providers. During a data backup,

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The big Funkschau interview with CosH / WaaS

To the funkschau online article Manuel Wagner is the CEO of Cosh Consulting. The Nuremberg-based IT service provider specializes in proactive IT solutions for companies in the upper midmarket and supports customers with Workplace as a Service concepts: from the company's own online self-service portal for hardware components and rentable IT workstations to

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IT Project Management

IT project management: a big time-consuming issue that requires tremendous resource power and staying power. Basically, project management can be explained as the organization, planning, control and monitoring of all tasks and resources necessary to achieve the defined project goals. IT projects can be all kinds of things or processes, such as a new

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From social work to IT: How career changers can get started in the tech industry

Due to the long-term shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector, lateral entrants interested in technology will have good opportunities to gain a foothold in the IT industry in 2022. The fact that highly qualified IT skills can now only be found among industry professionals with a degree or IT training no longer

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CosH receives the Bavaria’s Best 50 Award

CosH Consulting among the best 50 companies in Bavaria Nuremberg, 07/26/2022 For more than 20 years, the most dynamic owner-managed medium-sized companies in Bavaria have been honored with the "BAYERNS BEST 50" award. The prize is awarded to companies that have identified and consistently exploited new opportunities for growth and employment. BAYERNS BEST 50 companies

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Intelligent IT delivery models: As a service models increasingly popular with companies

Intelligent IT delivery models:As a service models increasingly popular with companies Software as a service, infrastructure as a service, everything as a service: almost everything in IT is now available as a service model. This refers to business models in which software or hardware is no longer purchased, but "rented" as needed.

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Metaversum: A New Internet?

Today, everyday office life already takes place predominantly on the world wide web. Fax machines are disappearing, paper letters are becoming less common, and people are communicating via video chat or messenger: all this is the noticeable digital transformation. But major corporations are tinkering with new technologies that could take the Internet as we know

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iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 2022

iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 05/18/2022, Nuremberg After a long Corona break, it was finally time again. The iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 2022 finally took place again as a presence meeting (under the observance of the Corona requirements). The host was CosH Consulting GmbH from Nuremberg. Starting at 2 p.m., the

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IT security: Using Microsoft 365 securely in companies

Many applications today are cloud-based. The best known is of course Office/Microsoft 365. Popular applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint are already used by numerous companies as so-called SaaS applications (Software-as-a-Service) in a subscription model. The advantages for companies are obvious: you only pay for what you actually use, and you get everything from

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Network Security – Network Segementation for Securing IOT Devices

"The Internet of Things" (IoT) is unstoppable. More and more devices are becoming packed with technology and smart. However, there are many security gaps, especially in the area of building technology. Due to poorly secured and structured networks, attacks on infrastructures are on the rise. Statista predicts more than 75 billion connected devices by 2025.

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CosH takes over Menze GmbH from Berlin

CosH Consulting is on course for growth With the acquisition of Menze Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme GmbH, the Nuremberg-based IT specialists are expanding their product and customer portfolio and expanding their Berlin location. Berlin, 05/12/2022. With the acquisition of the IT system house Menze Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme GmbH as of 01 April 2022, CosH Consulting

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IT Trends 2022: Companies rely on these technologies for the future Part 2

1. Green IT The term refers to the concept of keeping the world's increasing demand for energy under control through digital devices with a focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. All aspects surrounding information technology rely on resources, materials and energy. Energy-hungry data centers in particular are responsible for high CO2 emissions in

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IT Trends 2022: These are the technologies companies are relying on for the future Part 1

1. High Demand for Cloud Solutions Since the start of the pandemic, cloud usage in companies has increased sharply. Without cloud services, tools and apps, it would have been very difficult to send employees to the home office, maintain global supply chains or map entire business models digitally. IT departments relieve their IT budgets

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Guidebook: Reducing costs and effort with efficient IT lifecycle management

Many people are familiar with this situation: In the office, some computers are still outdated and no one cares about new and more modern equipment. The larger a company is, the more difficult it becomes for IT departments to keep track of obsolete devices. In which cost centers are productivity slowdowns to be found? Which

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5 tips: Design IT tenders the right way

Public contracting authorities are generally subject to a tendering obligation. When awarding contracts for IT services, public-sector clients (and also private-sector awarding authorities) must observe a number of special features. On the one hand, all technical requirements must be known and documented, and at the same time the constantly changing regulations of the EU

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Green IT: Sustainable IT as a contribution to environmental protection

Green IT: Sustainable IT as a contribution to environmental protection What exactly is Green IT? However, the fact that information technology has long been an integral part of our working and private lives, and there is no end in sight to this development, means that negative consequences of the digital transformation are also being

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New prices from March 2022 for Microsoft 365

Today, we'd like to inform you that Microsoft will increase prices globally for six of its core products - for the first time in 10 years - effective March 1, 2022. According to Microsoft, the price adjustment reflects the increased functional value of cloud solutions since market launch. You can read the official statement

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CosH awarded with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality seal

CosH awarded with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality seal Highest quality standards for our service For almost a year, we have been working intensively on the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and in particular on our processes. Since 01/28/2022 it is official: CosH has received the quality seal of DIN

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Attention: Federal Office warns about massive and dangerous IT security vulnerability “Log4j

Attention: Federal Office warns about massive and dangerous IT security vulnerability "Log4j Dear Sir or Madam, over the weekend, the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) published a letter about a very threatening vulnerability in an open source software called Log4j. The vulnerability has a threat score: 10 out of 10

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Hornetsecurity: The ultimate all-in-one protection for Microsoft 365

With 365 Total Protection Backup from Hornetsecurity, you get the most comprehensive protection to Microsoft's cloud services - designed specifically for Microsoft 365 and seamlessly integrated. Benefit from a straightforward setup and exceptionally intuitive operation that simplify your IT security management from the ground up Targeted Attacks on Microsoft 365 Accounts:

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Advisor: 1st and 2nd Level Support – We explain the differences

Many have heard the terms 1st Level and 2nd Level Support in your work environment. But what exactly is behind it? We explain the exact differences and give tips on what's right for your business. 1st Level Support First level support is the first line of support for customer problems and queries. This is

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“Elite Forge”: Future-oriented training at CosH Consulting GmbH

"Elite forge" for the talents of tomorrow: forward-looking training at CosH Consulting GmbH Nuremberg IT experts welcome seven IT-enthusiastic trainees to their Azubi-Lab starting this fall Nuremberg, October 06, 2021. As one of the most central roles within technical departments of a company, the IT specialist is gaining increasing importance in the market. But

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Platforms carry the change: How companies can benefit from platform providers

The digital transformation is underway - both economically and socially. Today, companies no longer have to wait years for expensive and specially programmed online stores. You simply use a platform provider that already provides the complete framework of an online store. Companies only have to enter their customer data and products and they are

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Reading Article – The Digital Classroom: How Modern Technology Enables New Pedagogical Learning Methods

Digital media enable new options in the classroom: They expand the methodological-didactic spectrum of teachers, and they offer children individual opportunities to actively engage with the subject matter. What has long been standard practice in universities and colleges is still almost non-existent in elementary, middle and high schools. Nevertheless, there are still major digitization

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Mobile Device Management: How far are companies allowed to manage and monitor mobile devices?

Control or indulgence? More and more, a trend is taking hold: Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) can be found in more and more employment contracts. Employees are thus permitted, even encouraged, to use their own smartphone, private laptop or tablet for work. Many companies already rely on so-called MDM solutions. One important aspect here is mobile

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Starting out in professional life: Is an IT profession right for my son or daughter?

The start of professional life as an IT specialist Gone are the days when you have to master complex programming languages in the IT profession. The abbreviation IT (Information Technology) stands between classical electronics and modern computer science. Whether in a medium-sized company, in the public sector or in a corporate group: computers and

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Outlook: 8 megatrends of the future: Will man and machine grow together? (part 2)

Blockchain, IoT, 5G, cloud computing, augmented reality - these terms are already familiar to many. But what exactly is behind it and why is the business world constantly talking about it? New technologies and digitization are already encroaching on all areas of private and economic life. Special attention is being paid to the globally

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Office 365 / Microsoft 365: An interview with our expert Peter Heidingsfelder. We answer the most important questions.

When it comes to the digitization of their own company, some entrepreneurs are still unclear in the flood of information. With Office 365, Microsoft has developed a product that is very promising for the future. In Germany, more and more medium-sized to large companies are looking at cloud solutions, are already using them or

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CosH Consulting GmbH continues to grow: IT service provider moves into new location in Berlin

Berlin start-up mentality is the focus of the capital office. Nuremberg, June 16, 2021. After a successful year in 2020, the Nuremberg-based IT system house CosH Consulting GmbH is still on track for success. In June, the IT specialists from Franconia expand their Nuremberg location with a new office in the German capital. "In

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Always one step ahead: data centers as the key to future-proof IT

Medium-sized companies in particular, the most important part of the German economy, have now recognized the need for digital modernization of their own business models. One of the most important questions is, "How do I ensure future-proof and high-performance IT? There are normally 3 options: Modernization of the existing IT New acquisition to the

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Guide: Why IT leasing brings numerous advantages for your company

Digitization? Super efficient IT processes and modern technology? These terms get on the nerves of many entrepreneurs. In fact, however, success depends precisely on this. But to keep hardware, servers or software up to date, you would have to retread your technology every two to three years. This costs money and, above all, a

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Practical tips: 7 tips and tricks for productive work in the home office

7 tips and tricks for productive work in the home office In times of pandemic, working at home has become more of a focus. But for things to run smoothly, there needs to be a structure and basic home office rules. This is the only way to avoid distractions and other problems so that

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Home office – more in demand than ever

The digitization of companies and home office work are more relevant than ever before. According to a recent study by the Hans Böckler Foundation, one in four employees has been working from a home office again since the beginning of the year. Similarly, it is clear that a lack of IT infrastructure is often

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SD-WAN: Competitive factor in the digital age

First-class security with our Managed Firewall & SD-WAN Services We can help you find the right wireless, networking, security and collaboration products for your business. Managed Firewall from 79,- Euro / month Surround your network with world-class defenses that quickly detect and stop threats without slowing you down. And all that for only

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my Workplace GmbH wins Telekom’s Digital Champions Award

my Workplace GmbH wins Telekom's Digital Champions Award Since 2018, my Workplace has been supporting companies in digitizing and optimizing their business and IT processes with its rental models for IT equipment. Telekom's Digital X digitization initiative has now honored the Nuremberg IT experts with the Digital Champions Award in the "Digital Processes and

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CosH information technology wird SWYX Gold Partner

We are Swyx Solutions GmbH Gold Partner! From now on, as the only Gold Partner in Nuremberg and the surrounding area, we are the experts in business communication and SwyxWare. From now on we are available for our customers with even better technicians, even better discounts and conditions as SwyxWare experts 🙂 We say

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