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Price change Microsoft Online Services

On the official Microsoft website, the company has announced that it will increase the prices of its online services by about 11% on 01.04.2023. This change affects the entire portfolio of Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Background and objective of the planned price increase by Microsoft The aim

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Digital transformation / Subsidies extended until 2024

The global pandemic has shown, especially in Germany, that there are still some digital weaknesses here. In addition to the problems that companies could not offer every employee the option of a home office due to a lack of software or hardware, there was also the cost factor. Not every company, especially small and

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IT-Interim Management – when key people leave the company

The field of IT contributes more and more to the success of companies in today's digital world. Our technological leap in the last 50 years can be explained simply with an example: The "Apollo Guidance Computer" that was on board for the first moon landing in 1969 had the computing power of a pocket

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5 tips: Design IT tenders the right way

Public contracting authorities are generally subject to a tendering obligation. When awarding contracts for IT services, public-sector clients (and also private-sector awarding authorities) must observe a number of special features. On the one hand, all technical requirements must be known and documented, and at the same time the constantly changing regulations of the EU

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6 golden hints and tips against computer viruses and pests

Currently, many citizens receive SMS messages with package notifications that normally Special services of parcel services are. The curious thing is that the sender is Deutsche Post or DHL and the recipient is often not expecting a parcel at all. The link in the package notification can infect Android smartphones with a virus if

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Practical tips: 7 tips and tricks for productive work in the home office

7 tips and tricks for productive work in the home office In times of pandemic, working at home has become more of a focus. But for things to run smoothly, there needs to be a structure and basic home office rules. This is the only way to avoid distractions and other problems so that

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