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iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 2022

iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 05/18/2022, Nuremberg After a long Corona break, it was finally time again. The iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 2022 finally took place again as a presence meeting (under the observance of the Corona requirements). The host was CosH Consulting GmbH from Nuremberg. Starting at 2 p.m., the

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IT security: Using Microsoft 365 securely in companies

Many applications today are cloud-based. The best known is of course Office/Microsoft 365. Popular applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint are already used by numerous companies as so-called SaaS applications (Software-as-a-Service) in a subscription model. The advantages for companies are obvious: you only pay for what you actually use, and you get everything from

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Network Security – Network Segementation for Securing IOT Devices

"The Internet of Things" (IoT) is unstoppable. More and more devices are becoming packed with technology and smart. However, there are many security gaps, especially in the area of building technology. Due to poorly secured and structured networks, attacks on infrastructures are on the rise. Statista predicts more than 75 billion connected devices by 2025.

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