Due to the long-term shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector, lateral entrants interested in technology will have good opportunities to gain a foothold in the IT industry in 2022. The fact that highly qualified IT skills can now only be found among industry professionals with a degree or IT training no longer corresponds to reality. In our digital age, many young people have already grown up with computers, smartphones or tablets. This also increases interest in IT professions. There are countless self-learning courses on the Internet or on video portals.

One can acquire the knowledge of how websites are created, apps are developed or programming languages work in a very short time. There are even numerous offers for the classic IT job of system administrator. But does that automatically mean that an IT career is possible with self-acquired knowledge and experience from private projects? The answer lies somewhere in between: A certain basic foundation should already be in place. There are many government retraining opportunities and learning opportunities for career changers. What does that mean exactly? In most cases, training or study is a prerequisite – but not always. Career changers are welcome in certain positions in the IT industry. This includes, for example, the service desk employee in the area of IT support or junior positions as key account manager.

Interested parties have the possibility to create a good starting basis for the later application by so-called micro-certificates on training courses and courses. It is not uncommon for job changers to initially stay in their old job and take parallel courses of study, evening classes or retraining in order to later apply for a job in the IT industry. It is therefore quite common that a different professional path was initially taken.

The most popular IT occupations include:

  • IT System Administrators
  • IT System Administrators
  • Network specialists
  • Application developer / programmer
  • IT Security Experts
  • IT Service Desk Staff

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, the chances of getting a job in the IT sector are better than ever. But the older you are, the more motivation and effort you need to break out of your usual routine and assert yourself against younger competitors. Another piece of good news: According to the “Technical Professionals” study by the WBS Group, 70% of all IT jobs on the labor market do not require a degree or academic qualification.

Tips for a lateral entry into IT

Take advantage of learning opportunities and then apply:

Take some time to acquire knowledge. Certificates, credentials or retraining are the best keys to an IT job as a career changer. There are numerous government and private learning opportunities for various IT fields. Companies often look specifically for career changers with no previous experience, so that they can then turn them into IT professionals in the company during an intensive learning phase. As a rule, however, the more you have on paper, the more chances you have of prevailing over the competition.

Consider beforehand in which IT area you would like to start your career

There are numerous specialties in IT: Classic support, IT security, network specialists, administrators, software developers, etc. You should find out in advance exactly what tasks await you and whether the position you are looking for suits you.

No fear of “complicated tasks and technology problems”.

As in any other profession, you learn the most in the IT industry through practical experience in everyday work. IT administrators often face complex problems and have to try many approaches to solve them. A popular saying is “Even IT administrators Google sometimes” 😊. Among the best IT experts, some originally came from a completely different profession.


One thing is certain: If career changers decide to take up an IT profession, they will be among the most sought-after professionals of all in the coming years. Above all, motivation, a passion for technology and the will to develop further in the rapidly advancing technology are important. Job offers in the IT field are regularly posted on our website.