Always one step ahead: data centers as the key to future-proof IT

Medium-sized companies in particular, the most important part of the German economy, have now recognized the need for digital modernization of their own business models. One of the most important questions here is, “How do I ensure future-proof and high-performance IT?” There are normally 3 options:

  • Modernization of the existing IT
  • New acquisition to the existing IT
  • Outsourcing to a data center

Analogous to the increasing digitization of all industries down to individual employees, the requirements for professional backup and management of corporate IT have also grown. According to a study by Bitkom, 76% of companies in Germany have already deployed cloud technology in 2019 and see this as an important part of driving their digitalization forward. However, seven out of ten companies are afraid of granting unauthorized access to sensitive data when outsourcing their internal IT.

In this context, the data center brings numerous advantages. The locations have also been chosen with safety and maximum efficiency in mind: in Germany. We have summarized the most important advantages of outsourcing your IT to the CosH data center:

Cost reduction and transparency

No need to invest in your own licenses, hardware or know-how. You no longer have to worry about the availability of expensive security reserves. Higher liquidity thanks to transparent and firmly calculated conditions.

Data security

Our high-security data center increases your IT security and protects against data loss thanks to extensive preventive measures. Get corporate networks and leased lines securely and reliably from a single source.

Relieve the burden on your own infrastructure

Relieving the burden on internal infrastructure allows employees to concentrate on their core tasks, thus improving efficiency and ensuring optimum utilization.

Flexible server performance

Adapting server performance to actual usage guarantees you flexibility in the event of exceptional situations. Storage resources are always available on demand. You can also benefit from access to an extended application outsourcing portfolio!

Space savings

Benefit from space savings, as no on-site premises are required! You don’t have to worry about legal requirements such as fire safety regulations, because our data center has state-of-the-art fire alarm systems and a self-sufficient power supply.