iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria

05/18/2022, Nuremberg

After a long Corona break, it was finally time again. The iTeam Regional Meeting Bavaria 2022 finally took place again as a presence meeting (under the observance of the Corona requirements). The host was CosH Consulting GmbH from Nuremberg. Starting at 2 p.m., the guests were welcomed and were able to discuss initial topics by the time the last participants arrived. Many of the IT experts from Bavaria already knew each other from previous iTeam events. After the welcome and the outlook on the agenda, the topic of the advisory board election was discussed first. This was followed by a round of introductions of all participants with the slogan “My most important ToDo in a few words“. Before the coffee break Manuel Wagner and Christian Weninger introduced CosH Consulting GmbH in a short presentation.

In the afternoon, the CosH event team provided coffee, cake, chilled drinks and plenty of snacks for all guests. With a warm 25 degrees, attendees took advantage of the beautiful weather to share IT topics and network in the outdoor area. this was followed by a panel discussion on the topic “What am I actually doing here? Companies in a crisis of purpose” with Frank Roebers.

Complementary topics and the topic of dashboards

In the early evening, some topics from the introductory round were dealt with in more detail and the participants were able to ask questions and discuss them. Finally, the agenda item “Tool Time” talked about dashboards. For this purpose, CosH Consulting GmbH presented its specially developed Workplace as a Service Dashboard. With the Workplace platform, other IT system houses and service providers can combine their own hardware, software, in-house or outsourced IT services and support services into an effective overall digital workplace solution for their customers – including asset and lifecycle management and their own online store.

The last thing that took place was a dinner together. The culinary well-being was provided by a regional and Italian restaurant with its top catering service.

We look back on an exciting and informative day and thank all guests and especially Synaxon AG for their trust and the opportunity to act as host.